Is this a shock collar?

This was a huge concern and a topic of deep discussion that dominated the early stages of our development. Our goal was to deliver stress free dog walks for the entire family. Yet we realize that some dogs are simply so excited to go on a walk that it becomes too much for the novice dog owner to control. These dogs sometimes fall into categories such as: neglect (left behind on walks and family outings), abuse due to the frustration of tugging and pulling, or even surrendered to shelters because they are too difficult to walk. Therefore we decided to add an optional static correction. This feature can be turned on or off and has fully adjustable levels of correction.

We also dove deep into the standard e-collar system to improve its capability and successfully developed our patented Smart-Teach collar system that focuses on training the dog to respond to the "beep" sound as quickly as possible. This is done by sounding the beep signal before each warning or correction signal. This allows the dog hear and react to the beep sound and not depend on a correction. Once fully trained the static correction is turned off and should never be needed again.